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I am a psychiatric medication prescriber, counselor, consultant, nurse, parent, and person in a body passionate about collaborating with people to decrease the suffering and increase the meaning and joy in their lives.  I specialize in working with those who feel like too much, not enough, and don't fit neatly into a mold. 

I believe it is crucial to explore how wider social and cultural forces including power and oppression impact our health and mental health, from the distress individuals experience to the treatments we are offered.


I am a Certified Body Trust® Provider and practice from a weight inclusive perspective. I have a special interest in working with people recovering from chronic dieting, body hatred, and disordered eating and/or individuals with larger bodies who just want to receive mental health care free from assumptions, shame, and weight loss pressure.  

You can learn more about Body Trust® here

I have over 15 years experience working professionally in the mental health field, collaborating with and supporting individuals and groups around healing from issues like trauma, depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol concerns, and the stress of living in a world that is hostile to your body, identity, or brain. I have been a nationally board certified Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner since 2010. 

A prototypical west coaster, I love coffee, gardening, daydreaming, talking about feelings, and making lists. I live and work in Portland, Oregon.  

I care about your story and I can't wait to hear it.